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     TX-176 Air Cavalry Composite Squadron is a unit of Group IV under Texas Wing Command.

     The name "7-6 Air Cavalry" and the squadron patch are attributed to the unit's co-location in the Army Reserve Center in Conroe, Texas.

     This facility housed and maintained Apache attack helicopters until recently, and now it is home to a fleet of Black Hawk transport helicopters.

     "On 16 June 2008, 7-6 CAV was inactivated and reflagged as 1-158 AVN, which was then outfitted with AH-64D Longbows. The legacy of this fine squadron is carried forward by the 7-6 CAV Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, stationed at the Lone Star Executive Airport, Conroe, Texas."

     Here is more about the "7-6 CAV (Fast Guns...) 6th Cavalry Museum":  7th Squadron-6th Regiment


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